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Duty of care international front page screenshot

Case Study Brief

The director of "Duty of Care International" felt that her Wordpress site was outdated and wished to give it a more modern and stylish look. The original website had poor style and UI design - the text was practically unreadable due to small size and a lack of visual elements. Most images were of poor quality and failed to reflect the nature of Christine's business.


I completely redesigned her site, applied visual elements (icons) to increase user engagement and summarize strong points of Christine’s business, and replaced most images. Follow this link Duty of Care International to view the site or scroll down to see ‘before’ and ‘after’ screenshots of the site.

Duty of Care International Front and Resources pages


Screenshot of old site's homepage


Screenshot of new site's homepage


Screenshot of old site's Resources page


Screenshot of new site's Resources page

I transformed the site's almost unreadable text into engaging and more visually appealing information using UI design fundamentals such as white space, contrast and visual hierarchy.

Screenshot of old site's Legal Liability Summary
Screenshot of new site's Legal Liability Summary
image of newsletter background