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Case study on UI/Web design
Domain transfer
WordPress development

Case study brief

Inspires Marketing is a successful marketing agency based in South West London. Their original website was built on Joomla platform in 2012 and was long due an update. The client provided me with the company’s logo, good quality images, rich content, and presented me with the following requirements:
  •  Move the domain name to a new host that offers a free SSL certificate.
  •  Design and build a new site using WordPress to enable blog posting.
  •  Link the contact form to Mailchimp.
  •  Set up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking.
  •  Launch the new site within three, maximum four weeks.

Solutions used

UX/UI design

Website design

Mobile website development

WordPress website development

Domain transfer

Application of Google Tag manager

Integration of Mailchimp into the contact form

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Project details

The project basics

The client bought the hosting package from Krystal hosting, and I moved domain to the new host and activated SSL certificate thus enabling https protocol for the site.
I sourced and edited an icon for every marketing service my client provided and placed 'My Services' section in the top quarter of the front page to give it the attention it deserves.
I suggested creating a section highlighting Susie's expertise in the marketing field. We selected some companies that Susie has worked for and included their brand images into a small image gallery. On hover the image would be overlaid with a light background and a text detailing the marketing work my client has done for that particular company.

Different devices screens displaying Inspires marketing's services, testimonials and expertise sections
an i-pad showing Inspires Marketing clients' logos

The client had a healthy amount of positive feedback from her clients and I suggested including some of the reviews in the front page and linking them to a separate Testimonials page as internal links boost SEO. The same was done for Susie's clients' logos.

UI design

I mostly used the company’s logo colours for the design, only sometimes giving the colours a bit of transparency. The title background was consistent on every page with the use of logo colours and a demonstration of tools the client uses for her work. Header background I offered to eliminate submenus to improve user interface - we left a clean one-line menu in the header. Hover and focus effects were applied to every dynamic element on a page.
An accordion widget was introduced on the Services page to enhance the quality of user interface and improve user experience.
The hero image was manipulated with effects and background positioning to ensure that the client’s image could be seen on every device, and the mission statement had high contrast against the background on every device.

Phone and ipad screens showing the strongest points of UI design