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Photo editing
Website re-design
WordPress development

Case study brief

The Hindle Partnership is a small construction company in West London that usually acquired business through the word of mouth. The business owner had a very old site that he could not update or add any images of his work to. He was looking for the following solutions:
  • A modern website that would reflect on the quality of his work.
  • A site that can be expanded with portfolio images.
  • A new hosting solution that would simplify his access to c-panel and e-mails.

Solutions used

Photo editing

Website design

WordPress website development

Domain and e-mails transfer

SEO optimization

View the site

Project details

Photo editing

The client had images that were taken with his phone and many of them lacked exposure and quality and simply could not be used for the site in their original state. A lot of work was to be done on every image such as color, contrast, sharpness, noise reduction and exposure adjustments, all of which were successfully corrected with Adobe Photoshop.
The sizing of images was irregular as well and whilst some of them were heavy and large, their resolution and quality of photography were poor.
For that reason, the images that we used for the hero section of the site (the very first section that the user sees on the screen) had to be shaded. All other images could be used unshaded after a heavy photoshop editing.

Original image

Adjusted image

Web design and development

The site design was to reflect the precision of the company's work and I therefore used sharp edges and color contrasts. I used minimal number of plugins during site development, and applied many effects manually using CSS. The end result was sharp and minimal, something that the client seemed to be happy with.

Old site

imac, ipad and iphone showing old The Hindle Partenrship site

New site

imac, ipad and iphone showing the new The Hindle Partnership site