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Logo design / Website design and WordPress development for Buggy Tours Costa del Sol

Case study brief

Buggy Tours Costa del Sol is a small Spanish business offering buggy tours. The owners built their original site using Wix and very soon realized that they could not get the site to render well on different mobile devices and they also received a few negative comments about the general look and usability of the site. They were open to recommendations and my advice was as follows:
  •  Introduce a logo to the site.
  •  Fully redesign the site largely keeping the content.
  •  Have the domain moved to a different host to enable website development on Wordpress platform, that allows for flexibility thus ensuring the site can be adapted to every screen size.

Solutions used

Logo design

Website design

WordPress website development

Mobile website development

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Project details

Logo design

My first step was to design a logo for the company. The colors that I chose for the website were dark grey-brown (earth, soil), green (greenery along the buggy routes) and yellow (the sun). The idea was to use the same colors for the logo for the sake of consistency.
Since the company’s name is Buggy Tours Costa del Sol I thought the sun and the buggy should be the main components of the logo. Costa del Sol translates from Spanish into ‘The Sunny Coast’ and the idea was to put a little buggy inside of a bright yellow sun. I borrowed an icon of an empty buggy from, changed the color of the buggy to dark brown and drew a person inside happily waving away. Then I drew the sun and put the buggy with the person in the middle of the sun. The last step was to encircle the company name around the sun. Everything was done in Adobe Illustrator.

Stages of building the logo

Web design and development

The biggest problem with the old site was its difficulty to render well on mobile devices and that is the major downside of Wix platform, so the domain had to be moved to a different host and the new site was developed on a Wordpress platform.
The client was looking for simplicity and speed so I build quite a minimal site that was well optimized for speed and search engine optimization. The new site received a more modern and attractive look that renders well on all device sizes.

Old site

imac, ipad and iphone showing old buggy tours site

New site

imac, ipad and iphone showing the new buggy tours site