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Lana Crow

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My Services

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UI/Web Design

I will create your web design based on your business type, your style and personality. UI design fundamentals such as white space, typography, scale, colour, contrast and visual hierarchy will be applied to enhance your client’s user experience.

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UX Design

I will research your business, your market, your competitors and users, and translate the search results into sitemaps, user flows, mock-ups and prototypes.

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Web Development

I code responsive (mobile-friendly) sites from scratch using HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript, and I use Wordpress for creation of dynamic experiences. I will also help you with the technical side of SEO and connect your site to Google Search Console and Analytics.

What I can do for you

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UX/UI Design

Translate the results of user research into sitemaps, user flows, mock-ups and prototypes. Apply UI design fundamentals such as white space, typography, scale, color, contrast, alignment and visual hierarchy for smoother and more satisfying user experience.

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Visual and Web Design

Transfer the client's personality and type of business into an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

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Front-end Development

Build dynamic Wordpress sites, as well as responsive (adapted to mobile devices) SEO-friendly sites without framework.

Tech- and Language Skills

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Some examples of my work

UI Design/Wordpress

I was given the task of "revamping" a Wordpress site, which was not particularly user-friendly.
(Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator;
CMS: Wordpress)

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image of UI design project

Web Design/WordPress

This site was designed and developed for a marketing consultant.
(Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator;
CMS: Wordpress)

View site

Visual and Web Design/No framework coding: HTML5, CSS3 and Vanilla JavaScript.

I designed and coded this site for a local preschool nursery. The director asked me to draw some visual elements as she wanted a playful and child-friendly look. I chose to code this site without a framework for maximum flexibility. Applying CSS Grid to display images gallery was particularly rewarding.
(Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop)

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Web Design/Prototyping

This design was created for a strong, opinionated artist and photographer who wanted a portfolio site to showcase her work.
To view prototypes for mobile and desktop devices click on the appropriate image. Please note that the prototypes’ presentations are facilitated by Adobe XD share feature and may be slow.
(Software: Adobe XD, Photoshop)

About me

I am a self-taught freelance UX/UI designer and web developer based in London, UK.
I embarked on my designing and coding journey because of the great frustration I felt whilst browsing some websites, and realised I wanted to decode what's behind the surface and understand how this crazy thing works, and how to make it better. I completed Skillcrush online course and moved from consulting to web development at VWA Search. Landing this position did not stop me from wanting to learn more though. My favourite tech-learning platform has become Scrimba, an absolute gem to find, and I would recommend it to anyone. I am passionate about UI design and CSS. My UI design hero is Gary Simon and I learnt some really valuable CSS lessons from CSS guru Kevin Powell. I also completed a range of Google Analytics courses from Beginner to Power User and that contributed massively to my knowledge and understanding of SEO.
My biggest takeaway though is that simplicity is the key. We are often overwhelmed by huge amounts of information we have to deal with throughout the day, every day, and have little patience for all things online that do not work as we expect them to. My mission is to design and build SEO-optimized websites that are incredibly user-friendly.
I am a perfectionist and whilst it's very hard to attain such levels, I certainly strive to. Websites should look good and be functional at the same time. Why would anyone accept less?

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